Sunday, August 21, 2011

First Week Finished

It's Sunday night. I'm prepared for Monday. This last week has been so exciting for me. I have learned all my students' names and a lot of things about them. I am really enjoying myself. The support that I have behind me is absolutely tremendous. To be given a curriculum guide that has already been laid out for me has been a great help. I know what I need to be teaching around a certain time. It really helps with planning and preparing for classes.
A couple of things I need to improve -
  1. Organization - I need to get things in folders and filed away
  2. Procrastination - This will probably always be on my list of things to improve just because it's just me I guess. 
  3. Think about the future more. Like - where we are going, when we are doing it, how are we going to get there.
I wouldn't be where I am without the help of those around me. Everyone walks on the shoulders of those who come before us or work beside us. I have been taken under the wing of amazing people. I just hope I am able to give as much back as they have given me.
Well, here we go onto week 2, where the real learning and teaching is going to take place. 


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