Saturday, March 24, 2012

1 Week from Spring Break

Hello all of my blog readers!.................chirp,..........chirp................Nothing? Guess I need to update a little more often.

Anyway, I have one more week until Spring Break. I am ready for a break. Most of the break will be spent around our house and doing a lot of spring cleaning inside the house and out. I'll be doing some school stuff, but I'm going to try and get away from it a little as I gear up for the final 2 months of school. On Friday, I will be having my final observation discussion with my principal. I'm nervous about it. Actually, not nervous. More of an anxiousness for feedback on how I am doing/improving/not improving whatever it is. My personal opinion is that I'm doing okay. It can always be better. I get that. I am always harder on myself for self-grading. I think I just hold myself to a higher standard. I also strive for excellence, but know perfection is impossible, but it's still what we should strive for.

In reading right now we are finishing up the novel Crispin: The Cross of Lead. I have really enjoyed this book as have most of the students. I'm looking forward to the projects that the students will be making to demonstrate their learning. I'm not sure where we'll be heading after break. I'm thinking a lit circle type thing, but I'm not sure yet.

In SS, we are finishing up the Renaissance and European Exploration & Colonization. I have to grade their tests, but I'm thinking they did well on these. We're also starting our country projects that will take 2 months to finish. The students will be responsible for 5 hundred word essays that will be combined into 1 essay in the end over their country. I'm excited about them. Thanks to Kim for all the information and class discussions about these.

In Language, we are finishing up our fractured fairy tales and we will be making them into a book and publishing all of our fairy tales. The kids/parents will have the option to buy a book if they would like.

I've also been doing a lot of leadership type readings with my class. I scour the internet for leadership articles that relate to my kids all the time. It's usually part of their Wake-Up-Work for the week. It's just something that I like to do. For some of the kids they really get it. They understand that I not only want them to be good students, but also be good people when they leave my class. To be successful is hard work. It's getting things done when you don't want to do them. It's going the extra mile for someone just because you care about them. I want kids to think of others first. It's tough to teach in a society of me-ness, but it's worth it.

Best part of the past week was going to the Butler/Pittsburgh game at Hinkle. Dad and I sat in the 3rd row, right behind the Butler bench. Doesn't get any better than that. Actually, there is something that was better, but I'll tell you about that on another day.

Happy Leading,
Mr. Miller


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