Thursday, October 4, 2012


For every negative thing that happens in a day...

  1. Got my growth report back from last year. Not what I was hoping for. 
  2. One student pushing another 
  3. One student telling another student that he has been infected with herpes
  4. Scheduling parent/teacher conferences,which just takes a lot of time
  5. One student walking by and yelling, "RANDOM BACON!" into my ear for no reason. 
  6. One student failing an Acuity predictive test because he didn't take his meds today and had zero ability to focus
  7. Having to answer "What do I do now?" questions with the line "The directions tell you what to do." over and over and over. 
  8. and so forth and so forth do get good news that will carry you through. 
  1. One of my colleagues who has a lot of my students from last year, informed me that my former students speak highly of me. He said they say things like - 
  • "We learned a lot of stuff." 
  • "He's nice." 
  • "He made us work hard, but we had a lot of fun doing it."

He also told me that he is doing a timeline project.

Each student is to select 6 important events in their life and put it on their timeline. "Having Mr. Miller as a Teacher" made the list of one of his students. These are the things that keep me going. This keeps me pressing on day after day after day. 


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