Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sharing Loved Lives, Together

Tonight, my wife and I went out to eat. While we were there, there was a family of ten at the table next to us where the youngest in the party was turning 18. I'd say that the age ranges were from 18 to the 80s. Probably 3-4 generations. They were so upbeat the entire time. Not like annoying and loud, but more of a loud love type of buzz/hum. At one point they broke out into a song. I was never turned off by the loudness. What I did see, was a love of a family that was truly sharing life together. I enjoyed watching them interact. There were pictures being taken, presents, balloons, and cards exchanged, and lots of hugs. 

Our waiter, who was also the large group's waiter, was one of the best waiters I've ever had. He was very courteous, prompt, made us feel welcome, and did everything with a smile on his face. He even put our left over food in to-go boxes, brought us a bag, gave us to-go cups, and gave us some extra cheese to go home with us. He did a great job of serving us. Not serving us as in his waitering job. Serving us as in putting our needs, and probably wants, ahead of his to make our experience great. 

Through both of these interactions, I left the restaurant with a smile on my face. These two interactions chose to think of others first, to live life together, and to be positive while doing it. It was refreshing to be refreshed, even if those giving the refreshing had no idea they were passing on the positive energy. 

Serving others not only puts a smile on others' faces, but also raises the servee's energy as well. 

Share love. Live life together. Choose to be a positive influence on others. You never know the impact you might have. 


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