Thursday, May 7, 2015

I Sat Down To Write

I sat down to write.

I thought.

I thought about something to write.

Nothing came to me.

Well, some things did come to mind, but they weren't interesting. So I thought some more.

But still nothing that I thought would be worthwhile to an audience.

An audience?

Do I write for an audience?

I'm not sure. I don't write enough to have an audience. Is what I say worthwhile? Is it emerging? engaging? interesting? innovative?

Why do I write then?

Why do you write?

I need a topic. I don't "see" topics throughout the day. Should I? Is that what makes me a good blogger? To "see" my topics throughout the day?

I see my day as simple: Plan lessons that kids want to attend if they had an option. Have fun. Assess a little bit. Repeat.

Isn't that it? Isn't that what I'm supposed to do?

Why don't I "see" deeper into my content? my students? my delivery style? my classroom management? my organization methods? my integration of technology? my ways I let students access content? my ways of allowing choice? my interactive notebooks? my how to make a digital notebook? my how I transformed my teaching this year to go 1:1? my almost ditching of the textbook? why I choose to use humor and puns to start the day? my weird props? my weird clothes? my walls that are covered in student work? why I have bucket seats? my student feedback forms? why I'm thinking of doing podcasts? why it would be cool to present at conferences? what would I present at conferences? my thoughts on innovation? my thoughts on consuming content? ....

Why don't I see these as topics for blog posts?

Why do I see them as just a part of me and simply as a "you don't care about this" topic?

I don't know,...

...but I did sit down to write.



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