Friday, November 11, 2016

Daddy Hero

It's basketball season. I love it. It pushes me and challenges me and I really enjoy it. Due to the wanting of my team to become more closer, I tend to ask them a question that each of them have to answer during practice. One of the questions the other day was, "Who is your hero?" It couldn't be a superhero or a make-belief person.

I got one "Michael Jordan," but the majority stayed pretty close to home. In fact, most never lost their home.

Out of 13 players in the 8th grade, I'd say 9 of them said their dad, mom, or parents were their heroes. Most of them said their dad was their hero. 

They also had to back it up and say why they chose them. These are some of the things that I remember from the conversations. I don't remember them word for word, but these are close.

  • He spends time with me
  • He teaches me things
  • Teaches me about life
  • He taught me how to fish
  • He's always there to listen
  • She works really hard for me
  • They love me a lot, even when I screw up
  • We go on road trips and do stuff together
Our kids are always watching. They see and hear everything we do. 

This is something that really hit home for me as I'm super busy all the time. My own kids are watching who I am: What I do when no one's looking, how I treat others, how much love I show, or don't show, and how much time I spend with them on a regular basis,  There isn't a substitute for time with my kids. My phone needs to be put away more. My eyes, they need to look in theirs. They crave attention from me. They are eager to learn new things from me. I need to teach them more. 

Not one player said anything about material things. Nothing of monetary value. It was just time. T-I-M-E. Time together makes you a here. 

This is just a reminder to myself that I need to do better. May we all be a hero to someone.

Photo by Amanda Trebley Photography



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