Monday, December 27, 2021

Yeah, But You Didn't


This was originally posted on 4/16/2021 in a newsletter sent to teachers where I serve. 
Banana taped to wall

Back in 2019 (which feels like about 12-15 years ago now) this piece of artwork, a banana taped to a wall, sold for $120,000.

Why didn’t I duct tape a banana to a wall? It seems simple enough. A banana costs usually under a buck. A roll of duct tape is $5-ish dollars. Both are readily available and more than likely you probably already have them.

Which makes me have a conversation with my imaginary retrospective friend that probably said, “You could have done that.”

I would reply, “I could have.”

Then, my imaginary friend would respond with, “Yeah, but you didn’t.”

He’d be right.

I didn’t.

There are so many things I look back on in my life and think, “yeah, but you didn’t.” Maybe they ended up good in the end? Maybe, bad? Either way, I didn’t try to influence or impact those situations. I just let them be.

Since I didn’t, maybe you can?

We know ILEARN and Finals are happening and all of what that entails, but there’s not much time left during this school year. What can you do during the last month of school to leave a large lasting impression with your students this year? Maybe you’ve wanted to try something new? Maybe you’ve wanted to do a cross curricular project with another teacher? Maybe you’ve wanted to do something that you haven’t done before? Maybe you want to try something that you’d like to implement next year? Maybe you’d like to do something more student-driven because you’re a little exhausted from this year? Maybe you want to scrap what you had planned?

Whatever it is, I encourage you to finish with some flair.

Or at least a couple sparkles. :)

In reality though, please take care of yourself, too. This school year has been tough. Don’t do something just to do something. Don’t do something if it’s going to burn you out. Do it to improve, if you have the time.

Reach out if you need anything or want to collaborate.



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