Monday, December 27, 2021

Your Plates Are Full

This was originally published on 10.05.2021 as part of a newsletter to the teachers in the district I serve.  

Your plates are full.

Shoot, they were full with just the “teaching” stuff you received on your initial trip through the food line.

Add all the other things that you’re navigating and your plate can’t hold them all. It’s like “seconds” were called along with “thirds” and “fourths.” It’d be like a Hobbit eating Fourth Breakfast.

None of the things on top of the pile are bad. They are all more than likely necessary to function in this current state of now. But also, we don’t need a study to know that educators are stressed out. IYKYK. We already know.

So, how do we manage the chaos?

In all honesty, there might not be anything we can remove from our plates and we all know we can only control the controllables.

ʇI ʇ∀ ʞoo˥ no⅄ ʍoH uI ll∀ s,ʇI

While Here’s the Real Learning Loss Caused by COVID is true and we should be looking for ways for students to connect, I don’t think you can abandon everything. So, lets look for small ways that we can save time and energy. There is a section below called “🔆Spotlight: You.” Maybe there is something in there that you have control over to lighten your load? If not, please let me know how I can help look for solutions.

What I do recommend though, is if you add one thing, be sure to take something away.

Perhaps, this is The Chance You’ve Been Waiting For to try something new.

My role - if there is anything I can help you with, please let me know. Want me to come in a teach a tech tool? Want to plan together? Want me to match your standards to a tool? For real. I’m here to help.

Happy World Teacher’s Day today - 10.5.21

Reach out if you need anything or want to collaborate.

May your day be great.

Stay Curious.

Give more than you take.

Try something new.




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