Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pursue - My One Word for this Year

http://getoneword.com/ is where I got the idea. Jon Gordon is a phenomenal author. I highly suggest reading his books.

The word. 


I found my One Word for this year. Some people do this at the new year in January. I choose to do it in the summer because my "years" tend to go from August to June because of school. I had it down to two words. Seek or Pursue. Then I spent a week at Camp Allendale with the 225 middle schoolers of Hazelwood Christian Church and Plainfield Christian Church. As Keith Parker headed up the week with the theme of "Pursue," it made the decision pretty easy. God pursues us. We pursue him. We screw up and become selfish. He is selfless. I want to be more like him. Decision made. Pursue. 

The logo.

I used the "s" in pursue as what I would consider a crossroads. It's life. It's the decisions I make on a daily basis. It's messy. It's curvy. It's filled of wrong choices and setbacks. It's anything but straight. In each decision I make, I make a choice of where I will head. I want to pursue Christ. This year, I want to be closer to Him. This year, I want my decisions to make Him draw closer to me.

The verse.

Matthew 6:33. "He will give you all you need from day to day if you live for him and make the Kingdom of God your primary concern." NLT. I like how the NLT words it. He is the provider of only of what I need over what I want. Pursue him. He's first. I am second. All of my decisions should be based on the Kingdom.

The picture.

A hiker in the woods. Pursuing whatever he is after. No one hikes without a destination and a guide. My destination is closer to who created me. My guide is who created me. The path is laid down.


Education wise - 

How does Pursue fit into my classroom? 

I think it goes as showing love through Christ to my students and fellow educators as much as possible. It's probably not What is Love from Night at the Roxbury . Ha.