Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ways to Love Your Passengers

This is an excerpt from Jon Gordon's book, The Energy Bus. It is a definite recommended read. 
This is one of the 5 Ways to Love Your Passengers - 

2. Listen to Them - One of the most important factors that determines a high management approval rating is whether the manager listens to the employee.  Does the manager hear what the employee has to say? Does the manager listen to the ideas and needs of the employee? Your employees and customers just want to be heard, so listen to them and hear them.  We're not talking about some active listening class technique, either.  We're talking about really sitting down and listening with your heart and caring about what they have to say.  Empathy is the key.  When employees feel seen and heard, there is a moistening in the eyes.  Yes researchers estimate that in more than 95 percent of daily interactions there is no moistening in the eyes, according to High Energy Living, by Robert K. Cooper (New American Library, 2002). For instance when you ask someone how they are doing, an easy way to show you are listening is to actually wait for the answer and make eye contact. 



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