Saturday, August 21, 2010

I Survived

I survived my first week of teaching. It has been filled with long hours. Wait, it is still being filled with long hours. I have a ton of grading to do this weekend. It's bogging me down, but I know that I can't get behind because I will never get caught up. It will be like a recurring nightmare of papers/folders/contracts to grade and I don't want to have that.  I have most of the planning done for the next week. I just have to get everything ready.  I'm going to start having assigned jobs for the students on Monday.  The main reason for this is for me to get a little help in the classroom.  I need to make a chart of the job. I thought about having a job for every student, but then I figured it would be too hard to keep track of.  I'm not going to abandon the idea of it for my future classrooms, but I think I'll stick to a just a couple of jobs. 
Best part of recess this week was when I blew my whistle and 110ish kids stopped dead in their tracks. It had a pretty eerie feeling with it and I think it struck fear into a couple of kids. :)
I'm wishing you a good week.


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