Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I had to have my grades in tomorrow by 8:00 am. I got them done tonight by 8:00pm.  I am calling this a total success.  A week ago, I would have thought that this wouldn't have been able to happen. I had a pile of thundering, booming, volcano mountain of a pile of papers at home that I need to grade. Finally, it got done. Now, there are a lot of my students who have missing assignments and that is really pulling down their grades. I am hoping that through their midterm grades being sent home and a list of missing assignments that it will make them get in gear in the classroom and at home. I am anticipating parent phone calls regarding the low grades. I am pretty demanding, I think, and I want them to understand that it is their responsibility to get their assignments turned in on time. As 5th graders, getting ready to move onto the middle school next year, they have to start being organized and taking personal responsibility.

I am thankful for a team teacher that is understanding what I am going through as a first year teacher. I think I am finally understanding the logistics of things in the classroom, but throw me for a loop or something new I have to learn and I'm out again.
I also have an awesome mentor teacher that is keeping me "afloat." Even if she doesn't think so. Her words of encouragement mean a lot to me.

I know there are things that I need to do regarding my teaching...differentiating some of the ways I deliver content comes first to mind. I need to be aware of specific students and their actions. I need to use moodle and start a classroom blog. These are things that will come with time, I know, but having time is always going to be an issue. I need to get over that. Time is not an excuse. Everyone has 24 hours in each day, it's in how you use those 24 hours. I need to get better at this. Plus, my amazing mentor teacher, told me to go home tonight at school. So.... I did. :)

I have my first observation on Thursday. I have chosen to do a word choice lesson. We're going to eat some salsa and rice cakes. Then we'll talk about how you want "salsa" words not "rice cake" words in our writing. Salsa, a little spicy and has kick keeping the reader interested. Rice cake, boring, dull, and bland. I hope it goes well. Met with the principal today to go over it. He sounded cool with it. We'll have to see. I hope the kids cooperate :)

Well, it's off to fix supper and pick up our house a little. It's gotten to the point of no return....urgh.


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